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RE: [T3] Hinge covers

I bought their speaker panels last summer, and finally had some time a
couple weeks ago to try to install them. These are the ones that are
supposed to go near your feet, not in the back as a hinge cover.

They recommended pulling the carpet up, and gluing it over the panel, or
some such modification. I didn't think I would mind the black look.

Unfortunately they don't fit so great, so it would look like crap if they
weren't covered in carpet(oversized to cover the seam).

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them now...In fairness to the
company, I have not called them to find out if there is something to do to
get them to fit better. 

Oh yeah one other thing, the screws they sent with the panels to secure
them, were basically dry-wall screws. I haven't looked enough at the body,
to see if drilling holes & screwing in where they suggest would create a
point for water to get in.


'71 FI squareback
'65 kombi
somerville, ma

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From: Big Al [mailto:big.al@bigblackdot.net] 

Does this company have a good reputation?
how's the quality of their fiberglass products?

(it looks like they put in the speakers in backwards in that picture
though...  ;)  )

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