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RE: Keeping 'em on the road (was RE: [T3] ethanol)

The main priority of most auto manufacturers that sell in the US right now
is to get the car the heck out of the country before its 5th Birthday.  They
want to sell more cars, they don't want anybody driving a car in the USA
that's over 5 years old... more profit can be made selling a new one and
taking the old one and shipping it overseas for sale again.

Hyundai is the most notable, when was the last time you saw a Hyundai in the
US that is over THREE years old?  They want NOTHING to do with holding onto
a 10 year warrantee... they want that car gone before its 4 and out from
under that warrantee... its part of how they sell so many so cheap.  When
your car turns 3 the dealers will HOUND you to buy a new one!


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My take on all the expenses for making cars "safer" is due to the lax
requirements for any idiot to get a drivers license.  I bear witness EVERY
DAY as to the many stupid people on the road not paying attention or trying
to look cool.

Improvements are nice, I agree.  It's inevitable.  But I know I would rather
see more old, *maintained* vehicles on the road (this includes motorcycles)
than the now generic looking, overly mass produced, disposable vehicles we
see today.  Seriously, a well preserved vehicle stands out and draws
attention.  How many modern, easily accessible (i.e. excluding Lamborghini,
Ferrari, Porsche, etc.) vehicles can you say this about?  I like my Jetta,
don't get me wrong (to be honest, it grew on me), but do I seriously think
it will be a classic like my Squareback?  Heck no!  Finding parts will be
junkyard diving only...no one will make after-market parts for them.  Like
all the other cars out there they're meant to be recycled/crushed -- more so
than they were of days gone by.  Look at how companies push to spew out
"new" models that drastically change the whole aspect of the vehicle i.e.
parts from my '95 Jetta are incompatible with a '05 Jetta.

Rant over. 
     Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
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>When extolling the idea of keeping old cars on the road, I 
>recall being put in my place by a very wise old lady who was 
>still driving at about 90 years old who reminded me of all the 
>improvements that had come about over the years (eg lighting, 
>crush-zones, brakes, handling, passive and active safety 
>systems, energy absorbing everything).

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