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Re: [T3] ethanol

Richard wrote:

>You know they won't stop there, it will be the more is better theory . 
>This is not even addressing if this is a good thing or not for a short 
>or long term. My BIL says that the conversion-ramping up for this "new" 
>fuel is why gas prices have not gone down, but will go up. I don't know 
>if thats true or not.

I'm sure it is. When have you ever seen a "new and improved" anything go down 
in price. 

I just hope it is truly better for the environment, and will greatly reduce 
our reliance on other country's oil, and the sooner the better. Though, they're 
making too much money now to give much thought to a quick changeover. Is it 
cheaper to make ethanol than gasoline, energy-wise? Still requires some kind of 
finite resource to refine it, right?

Jim wrote:
>Reduce, reuse, recycle is a very reasonable philosophy for prolonging 
>all of the earth's finite resources. Reusing a whole car is the ultimate 

I whole-heartedly agree. If I had my way, I'd be doing like Greg and 
bicycling to work, but  folks who do more than the speed limits and the number of dead 
"critters" in and along the roads I travel and a couple of other factors, 
give me pause. So I conserve in other ways.

$2.75 a gallon for regular unleaded here today.

70 Fasty-AT  "Clementine"

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