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Re: [T3] NOS Abarth muffler

On 30 Mar 2006 at 14:59, Jason Weigel wrote:

> OEM-Original Equipment Manufactured

I've always thought of this as Original Equipment Manufacturer. While 
reasonable people can disagree on this, it allows the distinction between OE 
(Original Equipment) parts, which are the exact same parts supplied with the 
car, and OEM parts, which are parts made by the same people who made the OE 
parts, but they can be slightly different. In some cases they are definitely 

For example, Bosch is an OEM to VW, they made the FI, electrical, and ignition 
parts for our cars. If you went to the VW dealer and bought a replacement for 
one of these parts, it would be exactly what VW thought you deserved, and it 
would have both the Bosch part # AND the VW part # stamped on it. It is an OE 
part, the same as the one that came on your car when it was new.

OTOH, if you went to a Bosch dealer and bought the "same" item, it would ONLY 
have the Bosch # on it. In that case it is an OEM part but not an OE part. In 
this case, the lack of the number would generally be the only difference and 
the OEM part is just as good as the OE part.

There are some examples of OEM parts, however, which might come from the OEM 
supplier, but they don't meet the VW standards, so they are OEM, but not OE and 
not as good as OE. I can't actually think of any good type 3 examples of this 
right now, but I've seen BMW water pumps made by the OEM which were definitely 
not finished to the the same level of quality as the OE part. Both were 
available at the same time, but the OEM part was cheaper and clearly so.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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