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Re: [T3] ethanol

<x-flowed>On Mar 29, 2006, at 8:37 AM, Steven Ayres wrote:
HalS=> until corrosion from the alcohol turned their carbs, metal fuel lines
=> and gas tanks into junk.
Can anyone tell me what the chemical process would be with E85 here and specifically which metals would be affected?

The main problem isn't the alcohol itself, it's water. Ethanol is hydroscopic and collects moisture from the water vapor in the air, just like brake fluid does. Anything that oxidizes in the presence of water is going to eventually have problems. The first place to show it would be the jets and passages in the carburetor, or the pintle & seats on fuel injectors. Those have to have fairly precise tolerances to work correctly. Rust issues with the fuel lines & tanks come later.

A programmable EFI used with pieces from a Flex-fuel vehicle and mapped for E85 would take care of most of it. A set of 6 injectors from a FFV Ford costs about $75 from the wreckers, add a fuel pump, filter & pressure regulator and you'd be mostly good to go. Once E85 is more widely available, building an engine with E85 in mind would be a good thing -- alcohol likes higher compression, and tends to run cooler as well.

Can you tell I've thought about this some? >:-)

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