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RE: [T3] FI vs Carburetion.

On 29 Mar 2006 at 0:53, Toby Erkson wrote:

> You should add that the automatic transmission cars use an electrically
> heated AAR and these are not as hearty as their manual tranny counterparts.
> Note that a Type 3 (automatic) and a Type 4 (manual/automatic, they use the
> same AAR) use essentially the same unit so one can be swapped for the other.
> The only difference is the angle of the input/output pipes.  Typically the
> heating element parts will fail and it's not a simple fix.

I've not seen any more trouble with the electrical units than with the 
mechanical units. The mechanical ones can also get sticky and may also need to 
get freed up, especially if they have been left in damp storage for a long 
time. The most common problem I see with the electrical units is that the wires 
get broken, presumably from rough handling when removing the part. The wire's 
not particularly fragile, but you DO need to remember to unplug it before 
yanking the AAR out of the engine compartment.

It's certainly true that the mechanical ones can be taken apart and the 
electrical ones really can't.

While the heater portion of the type 3 and type 4 electrical AARs seem to be 
the same, the overall assemblies are different. The I/O pipes are different 
diameters and point in very different directions. They would be hard to 

And, BTW, AT type 3s used the mechanical AAR up thru '69.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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