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Re: [T3] FI vs Carburetion.

<x-flowed>PhilipS=> With all the bad press about FI problems, I am thinking of converting to carburetion.

At the risk of creating an echo chamber, I'll chime in that the 'bad press' is really just persistent ignorant rumor. What I can add is my perspective as a carb guy.

The VW world is full of people with very narrow mechanical skills that they trust implicitly, and the Muir-book culture tends to reinforce them. Muir was a cool dude and knew a lot about early Type 2s, but he was not a Type 3 guy. Contrary to what many Type 1 mechanics imagine, Type 3s are different.

While I think 'vastly superior' is overstatement, it's true that the D-jet FI system is reliable, easy to use and just about bulletproof, and offers good performance across the stock range. Any conversion from a stock system, including tricking out a stock carb system, requires real engineering study and know-how, and entails a fair amount of expense and hassle.

I'll also agree that your displacement idea is ambitious. Speaking also as a mildly-built-motor guy, I'd advise you to first get your stock systems up to spec and working right, including less obvious performance factors like the suspension, see how you like the car's stock performance, *then* decide whether you really want to deal with performance upgrades. Again, this is *not* a Beetle and the difference in performance is substantial.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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