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[T3] 68 Fastback FI (?) Issues - Diagnostic Help Requested

Hi Jim -

The >14.5 V reading was taken from the VR's battery (double prong) side.

Per my other message - I picked up both a "new generation" Bosch (solid
state) 30-019 VR from my VW jobber and Niehoff unit from my local parts

To start this episode, I started the car and backed out of the garage - at
that point, the car started right up and was idling fine; so I turned off
the car and pulled the battery ground cable.

I pull off the VR that was installed in the car and put in the "new" Bosch
unit, making sure all wires were on the correct connectors.  It was a bit of
tight fit against the heater channel, but there was no risk of shorting the
connection and the thick card stock that folds up over the VR is still in

I reconnected the battery ground cable and started the car.

At this point, the car ran very badly - certainly not as well as when I
started.  It was running at a very low RPM, nearly stalling idle, with light
backfire "pops" out the tail pipe...  I opened the throttle - there was a
significant hesitation and more backfire.

I put on the dwell/tach and my timing light - the RPM was sitting around
600, but I was still showing timing at 0 TDC.  I tried to pick up the idle a
bit by backing out the idle adjust screw on the throttle body, but that had
no effect in that direction and screwing it in would just drop the RPM to
near stall.

I then checked the voltage off the "new" VR - on the battery side (big
double spade connectors), it was reading 12V... sheesh... turned off the

After venting a long blue streak, I collected myself, and pulled the Bosch
VR and replaced it with the Niehoff VR - that VR looks very much like the
Bosch unit I pulled out of the car.

I then started the car again - it seemed to start a bit better, but the idle
seems a bit "iffy" - but the voltage coming off the battery side was a
steady 14.5V... I took the car around the block - but it's still bogging.
I'll probably get some time tomorrow to take it out and have my son watch
the voltmeter on a somewhat longer drive and see how that looks.

I hope I didn't fry the brain in some fashion with that new-fangled "solid
state" Bosch 30-019 VR...


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