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RE: [T3] FI vs Carburetion.

BAD PRESS?  Where?  Certainly not on THIS list!

FI is far superior to carburetion and much more reliable and maintenance
free, its basically a plug and play system.  FI does have limitations with
built engines unless its modified and that requires a lot of know how.

94.5 pistons in a Type 3 application wont last long, unless it's a T4 based
engine and then you simply use the T4 injection system.  High lift cams are
the real problem when used with the D Jet FI.


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Subject: [T3] FI vs Carburetion.

 I just bought a 70 T3 that I am restoring from the ground up.  It has
not run  for at least 5 years, possibly more.  With all the bad press
about FI problems, I am thinking of converting to carburetion.  Any
ideas or recommendations of what set up to use.  I AM  building the
engine with 94.5 pistons and probably heads with 041 valves.  I am not
sure 041 heads are the best combination. 


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