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Re: [T3] FI vs Carburetion.

Seeger, Philip F          PWR said:
>  I just bought a 70 T3 that I am restoring from the ground up.  It has
> not run  for at least 5 years, possibly more.  With all the bad press
> about FI problems, I am thinking of converting to carburetion.  Any
> ideas or recommendations of what set up to use.  I AM  building the
> engine with 94.5 pistons and probably heads with 041 valves.  I am not
> sure 041 heads are the best combination.

In general, the FI works better than carbs, but there is a learning curve
for carb people that seems overwhelming to many of them. This list is a
cure for that problem, however, since you can get any FI help you might
want here.

OTOH, I think there is a consensus that an engine this big will not work
(or would take a LOT of work to get to work) with the stock FI. In
addition, I think you're asking for big trouble by going to pistons this
big in a type 3. I believe Berg recommends a max of 88s in type 3s, but I
don't know what his criteria are. Personally, I suspect that the type 3
case will have a hard time accomodating pistons this big and you'd be much
better off either making your goals more approachable or going with a type
4 case and doing the whole type 4 conversion route.

You should understand that NONE of these approaches are easy and they all
require a lot of time, money and experience to implement successfully.

Jim Adney
Madison, Wisc USA

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