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[T3] 68 Fastback FI (?) Issues - Diagnostic Help Requested

Hi Type 3 gang...

Well, after installing my recently worked-over-by-Jim-Adney distributor -
setting my timing to 0 TDC, and getting dwell to ~50 degrees, I backed my 68
FI fastback out of the garage, set off down the street, and.... nuts.

The car starts to accelerate and then just goes flat - the engine is
running, but it just seems to run out of power...

When the car is driving along - about 25 mph on neighborhood streets - it
doesn't feel exactly like it's missing, but I can feel it is minute
accelerations and decelerations as I'm driving at more or less steady speed.

if I press the accelerator pedal, it immediately picks up and then goes
flat - runs out of power - again....

At Jim's advice, I switched out the original A-brain with a never-installed
remfg'd Bosch B-brain - Jim also provided me an OG coil to replace my
recently purchased Bosch blue coil... no change.

At present, I did check the fuel pressure - it was a touch low - I dialed it
up to 28 psi from 26 psi.  Jim also suggested checking the voltage off the
regulator - I misplaced my voltmeter, but I'll find it tomorrow and take a

Any ideas about what these symptoms might be pointing too?

Thanks alot.

Mike Smith
San Jose, CA
68 Fastback
67 Sunroof Beetle

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