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Re: [T3] Rear brake hoses, IRS

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> > William Sills wrote:
> > 
> > >I just went through that ordeal.  I'm working to
> get a
> > >71 square auto back on the road.  The 211 611 775
> B
> > >hose is for a swing axle trans, the correct
> number for
> > >the auto is 211 611 775 C. 
> The distinction would be between swing axle and IRS.
> All the AT cars just 
> happen to be IRS.
> As for the "ideal" replacement that one of the other
> listees found, it's 
> possible that it's not actually a VW part. The best
> available replacement might 
> well be something made to fit a completely different
> make. That would be very 
> good information to have here.

I seem to have unfortunately tossed the package of the
brake hose I used.  As far as the part numbers quoted,
I was going by what was listed in ETKA.  The 211 611
775 C hose carries the distinction in the remarks
column 'left rear' and under the model section 'M249'.
 For the right rear it lists 311 611 776 also for
M249.  The 211 611 775 B just says rear next to it and
lists 'M263' as the model.  M249 is the 3 speed auto
and M263 is described as 'equalizer torsion bar',
implying a swing axle.  I just double checked this
with a parts fiche from 1982 and it lists the same
info as ETKA.  I never relaced the rear hoses on the
73 manual trans square I had, so I can't picture if
that was the same as the auto. I'm not trying to
confuse, just help out if possible.   

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