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Re: [T3] Brake Pedal Set Up

It's easy to do - work on the basis that you need to be able to move the pedal
(by hand) a fraction before you feel resistance from the pushrod hitting the end
of its socket in the MC - the floor plate is adjusted to get this small amount
of freeplay.

The reason is to ensure that there is enough movement possible for the pedal in
case one circuit fails, as the pedal then moves the full distance that circuit
allows before pressurising the other (hopefully OK) circuit.  You don't want it
to hit the bulkhead before it can do that.

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> > check the pedal free play.  After reading the Bentley, it says you need 8"
> > of travel between the pedal and the cross piece, and 4-7mm of pedal free
> There should be a little bit, like 1mm free between the end of the rod and
> the pedal when it is fully released.
> That is to make sure the MC 'is' fully released.
> i just looked at the bentley.
> the 4-7mm is free travel at the footpad of the pedal and the 8in
> is how much travel from the pedal to the floor. I think you can just
> ignore those measurements unless the pedal has been screwed around with.
> Just set the pedal so there is a small but definate gap between the
> pushrod and the pedal when its fully up. like it says 1mm.
> on a bus you change the length of the pushrod to do it, on a type3 you
> move the pedal. same adjustment.

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