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Re: [T3] Rear brake hoses, IRS

William Sills wrote:

>I just went through that ordeal.  I'm working to get a
>71 square auto back on the road.  The 211 611 775 B
>hose is for a swing axle trans, the correct number for
>the auto is 211 611 775 C. 
Sort of. 211-611-775C is "close enough" to correct for the L/H side- it
is a 265mm M-F hose, where the original I believe to be a little smaller
than that. On the R/H, the old hose is approx 210MM and is F-F. It must
accomodate the male fitting on the hard line that comes off the rear tee
and the male fitting on the hard line that goes to the wheel cylinder.
It appears that 211-611-775B, which is 270mm F-F and is the closest
thing that is readily available.

> This hose however seems to
>be NLA, so I basically matched it up length wise, and
>found one that was almost perfect.  The car is at work
>now, so I can't check the package to see what hose I
>got till tommorow.  I will look.  Amazing though how
>much better a car stops with 4 good brake hoses!
I'm very curious as to what you've got that's "right" since I'm not
finding it. I don't believe it to be 211-611-775B, I think that hose is
merely "close enough" but acceptable. It's definetely not the same hose
on both sides, certainly not on the auto. Not on my car.

I am looking forward to brakes that aren't absurdly hard. Up to now,
there was little modulation and a LOT of force was needed to use the
brake pedal. I'm rebuilding the front calipers (which were very stiff)
and rear wheel cylinders (which were gummy and a little pitted, let's
hear it for Brazilian Varta!), and rebuilding the master, replacing all
4 brake hoses, and changing over DoT-5 for longevity.

So to recap, this is what my car took (or will take) for brake hoses:

Front, L/H and R/H: 311-611-701B
Rear, L/H 211-611-775C, R/H 211-611-775B

Most of the parts books show 775C on both rears. On my Fasty this is
wrong. Anyone want to buy a 211-611-775C? I've got an extra. It's
manufactured by Meyle in Italy, which is a VW OEM supplier to this day.

Hopefully that helps someone looking through the archives. :)

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