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RE: [T3] electric issues

<x-flowed>Almost any shop can test an alternator of you take it off and bring it in. You might try a new battery or at least test the one you have. It should be around 13 volts fully charged. Remove the battery from the vehicle to charge or at least take the cables off to charge it. Make sure it is full of distilled water befor you charge it. If you still get a trouble light on your charger get a new battery. I just went through all this with one of my bikes and it had 12 volts until I turned on the key when it dropped to 0.5 volts. My diesel pickup also got new batteries last month because one had a bad cell which gave it only 10.5 volts. If you have a VOM or DVM it is a great test tool.
Steve Jackson
71 FB
02 F250

From: type3weezer@comcast.net
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Subject: [T3] electric issues
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:16:01 +0000

Morning all,

Well, weezer came back from the paint shop. On a flat bed.

Seems it's electric. I drove it about 50 feet out of the shop and then it died.
Tried to jump it but it would die as soon as the charger was disconnected. I
tried hooking my charger up to it but I get a trouble light. I have a couple of
1. When the car was painted the lights were disconnected but the wires were not
taped up. Could the battery or worse yet the alternator grounded out and fried
either the battery or the alternator?
2. Is there a way to bench test the alternator?
3. Anyone else have these kind of headaches?

Thanks for the help

65 square (weezer)
04 jetta
Just Cruisin By

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