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Re: [T3] Rear brake hoses, IRS

Jim Adney wrote:

>Once you figure out a facile way to get them out, they will start to 
>be easy. I DO remember how hard they seemed to be when I first 
>started doing this, however.
I got the hang of it on the other ones, but the clearance on this (you
really need to look at it recently to see what I mean) makes it
impossible to remove in the attitude it's in. It would have needed to go
up to come out, but the body is in the way, so I had to hammer it with a
long screwdriver and turn it around, and get a vice-grip on it.

At any rate... I got the rear brakes completely disassembled. The wheel
cylinders are the correct ones, though they're Brazilian Vargas. A
little pitting inside that honed out  very nicely. Most of the springs
look good, but there's one (bottom, trailing shoe) that's a bit
stretched out. The coils are no longer close. No one seems to make drum
hardware kits for the T3 anymore. Is there another VW that uses the same
spring as the bottom?

Oh, and I need to pick up new adjuster star wheels. Mine are frozen.
Good thing it had been a loooong time since the rear drums were
adjusted. I was able to get the drums off without interference from the

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