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Re: [T3] Idles on 2; runs on 4 (Update/recap/ SOLUTION!)

On 15 Mar 2006 at 15:12, Elroyyy@aol.com wrote:

> If you read closely, you saw where the dwell was fluctuating. After 
> accumulating three more black sticker "E" brains (none of which solved the problem) and 
> testing known, good spares at literally EVERY point in the FI system. The 
> problem was solved by testing another distributor. I don't know if it was an 
> electrical issue inside the distributor or not. The best I can wrap my brain 
> around is the worn bushings allowed the dizzy to spin out of round at idle, and 
> then spin true at speed. The bottom line is that the distributor was the problem.

We seem to be having quite a run of long difficult problems that turn 
out to have unexpected solutions. In your case, I've seen a couple of 
cases where the (late production, non-Bosch?) FI trigger points were 
defective. These gave unequal "dwell" on the 2 points. I've started 
setting up to test these in the course of each dist rebuild now that 
it's clear that this is a problem.

I have NEVER had a pair of these trigger points actually wear out, 
but I've seen several that were just bad from the factory. I can't be 
sure who actually made them, however, but it's possible that the 
quality of the late replacement Bosch parts isn't what they should 
be, or maybe they're just counterfeit. I've looked them all over for 
the Bosch trademark and don't find it. I should look at an OG one to 
see if they are marked

I've also seen one breaker plate which just didn't let the car run 
right until I replaced it. It was worn, but not a lot and I thought 
it was good enough. The owner confirmed that the car ran much better 
after the breaker plate was replaced. I don't know if the dwell was 
more stable.

> Jim, are you still rebuilding distributors? May I send you two that I have? 
> One would be the "problem child" described above and the other would be one I 
> picked up a few months ago -- condition unknown. Both are 311 905 205L.

Yes, I still rebuild them. I charge $50 for the work and minor parts; 
major parts are extra, but aren't usually needed. Return shipping is 
$5, for 1 or 2. I can rebuild both or just make one good one from 
your pair, as you prefer.

The 311L is my favorite version, but, as someone else posted here, 
you should probably time it to TDC, since it has more advance than 
the OG '73 dist.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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