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Re: [T3] SqueakSqueakSqueakSqueak

On 14 Mar 2006 at 9:39, Doug Brashear wrote:

> The past few days I've been hearing a constant, oscillating squeak
> coming from the right side of my '73 Fastback. It only occurs when
> moving, and it speeds up as the car does. The sound doesn't change when
> I apply either the rear or front brakes, and only goes away when I come
> to a stop. 
> Seems that it's probably wheel or CV joint bearings, 

Yes, or it can also be a stone caught between the front rotor and the 
backing plate, or some hardware that came loose inside your drum. 

If it's the front wheel bearing, then it's probably the outer one. 
You can check this one without even removing the rotor. One advantage 
to white wheel bearing grease is that it turns black if the bearing 
is disintegrating in there, so you can see this in an instant. I've 
never had an inner bearing fail on me; it's always the outer one, but 
if the bearing is bad, you should remove the caliper and rotor so 
that you can be sure to clean out ALL the contaminated grease. It is 
not generally necessary to replace any more than the one bad bearing. 

> If it is the CV joint and the boots are in good shape, is it possible
> for me to lubricate the existing joint? Is this even worth trying? 

The only practical way to relube is to take them apart, but you can 
reach up there and shake the axle shaft axially back and forth a few 
times. That will redistribute the grease that is already there, and 
sometimes works miracles. If the boot is torn at all, you should go 
ahead and remove everything, clean & relube, and replace the boot.

> Obviously my first step is to jack up that side of the car and rotate
> the front and rear wheels independent of each other to see which is
> squeaking. If it is the rear, though, how can I tell if the issue is
> with the wheel breaing or the CV joints? 

It will probably change once there's no weight there, but it's worth 
a try.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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