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Re: [T3] Engine rebuild Qs

On 13 Mar 2006 at 14:21, Matthew Jones wrote:

> I'm half way through rebuilding my 73 FI engine. Its all in pieces and now the
> questions about what to salvage & what to replace:
> * Can the fan be re-rivetted or bolted onto its hub? Mine has some play so I'm
> not happy to just put it back on.

This happens occasionally and it should not be put back in this way. You can 
try to find a solid one, or get this one welded. Note that OE  attachment is 
not actually rigid. There is a rubber part in there that allows some flexing, 
which damps out vibrations and keeps the fan from cracking. Don't mistake this 
for one that has actually come loose.

A weld repair would have to be done by someone who really knew what they were 
doing. I know that Gene Berg does this, but I don't know where in the UK you'd 
find someone.

> * There was a small leak between barrel and head on #2 : there are small radial
> lines over about a 2" arc of the sealing surface in the head. I'm going to get
> the head cleaned up. My local rebuilder said if it only needs a cut of 10 thou
> or so, just leave it be. No need for spacers. It will result in a small
> increase in compression (say +0.1:1) which will be fine.

That's probably reasonable, but you should make sure that it really needs to be 
cleaned up at all. If the stud in that area was loose, then it might cure 
itself once it was properly torqued.

There are a couple things to keep in mind:

1) Leaky regions like this often signal a loose head stud. This could just be a 
nut which worked itself loose, or it could be a stud that is pulling out. 
Personally, I install "case savers" in every case I rebuild, just so I won't 
have to worry about this possibility. There are few things worse than pulling a 
stud out during the final assy of an engine, or having one pull loose 1000 
miles later.

2) If you do get this one cleaned up, remember that they MUST clean up both 
spigots the same amount (ie, clean them both up so that both sealing surfaces 
are on the same plane. For best results, it might be best to just get all 4 
surfaces cleaned up the same, keeping the CR equal all around.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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