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[T3] Broken Cross shaft (was Broken Clutch tube welds)

So as some will recall I stepped on my clutch the other day, heard a clunk
and suddenly had almost no clutch pedal pressure, although it did return to
it's rest position. Some suggested I had a broken trans cross shaft which
indeed I did.  After pulling the engine I found that one of the arms from
the shaft had broken where the throwout bearing rides. I replaced the broken
shaft with the heavy duty cross shaft kit from bugpack which has nearly
twice the thickness of metal where the bearing rides and full welds instead
of spot welds on the arms.  I had to cut the urethane bushing down a bit and
re-use the old 'lock' screw in my bellhousing but it all went in well and
now I'm back in action.  What's interesting is that a few months ago I
replaced my clutch disk because a leaky input shaft seal had oil-fouled my
old one.  I replaced the seal, bearing and rear trans mounts at that time
and was pleased to be rewarded with easier shifting and no shudder when I
first let out the clutch.  Unfortunately the shudder soon returned and I
would occasionally hear a whirring noise when the clutch was fully
depressed.  It would appear now that the shudder and noise were indications
of the arm on the cross shaft slowly breaking and causing the throwout
bearing to contact the clutch disk at an angle.  Replacing the shaft has
made driving my car a pleasure again!!

Thanks for all the help.


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