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RE: [T3] Broken clutch tube weld?

Clutch arms inside the bell housing have had a problem with breaking on the
early cars, if your lever on the tranny moves normally but the clutch
doesn't offer resistance that is likely it.


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Subject: [T3] Broken clutch tube weld?

63 Notch, basically stock

This morning I stepped on my clutch, heard a clunk and the pedal went to the
floor.  The pedal does return but offers very little resistance and does not
seem to move the clutch arm far enough for me put the car in gear.  I don't
see any indication that the cable has stretched.  There is still a bend in
my Bowden tube (but it's held in a bent shape by a zap strap) and it doesn't
appear to have worn through anywhere.  I've heard about welds braking along
the clutch tube....  Where can I look for this?  I don't see anything
obviously wrong between the clutch arm and the point where the Bowden tube
reaches the body.  If my problem is inside the tunnel and I have to start
cutting can anyone tell me where I should do this?


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