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Re: [T3] Door Handles

<x-flowed>My door handles won't come off! I can see a groove for c-clips like Chevys have. I don't see any c-clips, so have prise with screwdriver as my Autopress Manual suggests. I can get a good grip with Chanelocks, but just wiggles! I'm not missing something less than obvious here am I??? Mike
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Subject: RE: [T3] My (redesigned) pulley lock.

On 2 Mar 2006 at 20:07, Keith Park wrote:

Ya know what we REALLY need? The slotted washers used to pull the upper and
lower front end bushings. I could supply dimensions in the spring when I
harvest some beams but they would need to be made from hardened steel so
they wouldn't bend and cutting the slotted hole in them would be the fun

I tried making a pair of those a few years ago. I didn't have any kind of CAD program at the time, but I did have some used bushings from a dead beam.

The ones I made LOOK terrific, but they don't actually work.
Everything about them was just a tad too big to slip thru the
bushings when tilted. These were not hardened; they were just thick
enough, about 3/8", that they're not going to bend.

Just another project that needs revisiting....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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