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Re: [T3] Wiring questions

<x-flowed>JJ=> what about, for one, the wire from the condenser at the condenser end?
=> The plastic always seems to break there, exposing the copper wires.
=> No insulation worries?

If the bare copper can't contact ground, it won't be a problem until vibration breaks it off, but I have to say I don't see this happen on stock condensors. Are you sure you're not using a (lead-too-short) Type 1 condensor? Is it genuine Bosch? Don't waste time/money on anything else.

=> is anything available (tricks or products) for replacing the rubber plug
=> connection covers?... I mean, without cutting off the plug and then
=> re-doing the wires after slipping on a rubber cover.

It depends somewhat on the specific rubber bit. Most of them that are designed to protect the end of a single wire will stretch over the spade connector -- it can be a pain, but it can be done, although not usually with original rubber anymore, which is old enough to tear easily. (This is also a good test of repro rubber, which will often fail.) Where I didn't have a new OEM replacement I cut off the connector and recrimped it, as the rubber makes these connections more secure.

If you're working on a fuel-injection system, it would be good to know exactly what you're thinking of doing. You may be advised not to fool with it if it's working.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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