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[T3] My (redesigned) pulley lock.

Pictures and info here:  < http://www.icbm.org/cmgallery/thumbnails.php?album=51

This is not a tool for the occasional mechanic because of the price.  But it's
extremely useful for those who work with Type 3's and it works on all
early/late, 6v/12v cars.

If there's enough interest I could have a batch made.  Though simple in
appearance it is really a precise device to fit the pulley fan teeth and
distribute the load of loosening/tightening the pulley fan crank bolt.  I've
used it on my modified engine and my bolt is tightened to 120 lb/ft with
Loc-tite.  The fan housing and pulley fan are the original units from when my
parents owned the car and there are no cracks or damage whatsoever to the fan
housing mounts nor to the pulley fan (except for a small chip that I caused when
I once used a screwdriver...doh!).

Now there's no excuse to use screw drivers, pry bars or hammers to hold the
pulley fan when removing the bolt while the engine is in the car.  Yeah, if you
have time then drop the engine and use a flywheel lock.  Yeah, if you have an
air gun then you may be able to finagle that into the engine bay.  You may get
lucky once or twice -- I know I did -- but very likely what will end up
happening is you'll chip a fan blade (at the least) if you can even get the bolt
on/off.  But I guarantee you that neither of the above situations above will
help much if you're on the side of the road ;-)

It would be $50 per unit, not including postage, for the first 10 units made.
If 20 or more units are made then it would be $45 each.  Like I said, this is
just to gauge interest.

   Toby Erkson  -- Portland, Oregon --  http://www.icbm.org/
   '72 VW Squareback Darksider, 5-speed, 2007cc, rag top
   '95 VW Jetta 2.0L, CHE tranny w/Peloquin LSD, 270¼, TT Chip, SCCA Solo 2 EP#3
   '73 Porsche 914 2.0L WIP; '81 Honda Gold Wing, 1100cc, stripped

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