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Re: [T3] How do horns work?

On 31 Aug 2006 at 17:15, J. Jonik wrote:

>   If I knew how horns worked, maybe I could figure
> out if the spares should be sprayed with something,
> or soaked in something, or taken apart and
> cleaned...or what.  ...and then stored in nice tight
> plastic bags.   

Some horns are rivited together and some were bolted. The bolted ones 
you can take apart and clean.

They work by an electromagnet which pulls in a steel piece in the 
middle of a diaphram. When the diaphram pulls in it pushes an 
electrical contact open, which stops the field and releases the 
diaphram. The diaphram wiggles back and forth opening and closing the 
contact. With long disuse, the contacts oxidize and fail to make 
contact. Sometimes you can break thru the oxide by just slapping the 
horn into the palm of your hand (back of the horn into your palm.)

If you take one of these apart you may find that the diaphram has 
rusted thru. Those may still work, but they won't stand up to weather 
at all any more.

>  Related: What can be done when the steering wheel
> cover for the horn connection pops loose from one or
> more of the four plastic-to-plastic couplings?

Late 4-spoke steering wheel: The 4 "buttons" that screw to the steel 
frame are also used on the beetle and you may still be able to buy 
them at the dealer. The large center horn pad is also a beetle part, 
which you could also try buying new. Otherwise, check out your local 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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