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Re: [T3] Looking for tools

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 17:43 -0700, Dave Sanderson wrote:
> Greetings all
> I am looking for a couple of things as I seem to spend a lot of time  
> working on these T3 engines.
>   In the dual carb set up book (Look, Listen, Do It Better, they  
> refer to a gizmo that attaches to the throttle linkage and adjust it  
> without having someone in the car. Does anyone know if these can be  
> obtained - or does anyone have one that they could send me some  
> dimensions and I could make my own? I saw someone else looking for  
> them on Samba so I suspect they are hard to come by.

Basically, the were "Local Manufacture" Soomething you made yourself.
They do have a VW tool part number. VW691-4.
Are you any good at making things?? :+)

> Also, I am looking for the tool that the VW books refer tot hat lets  
> you pull out the distributor drive gear without opening the engine  
> case. I called a couple of places here and they have no idea what I  
> am talking about.
I just use a pair of duckbill snapring pliers. The same ones you use to
take the snap-ring off the timing gears on the crankshaft. Pull out the
little spring in the middle, and then insert the snapring pliers and
The fuel pump and fiber block need to be out to pull the dist. gear.

russw <russw@classicvw.org>

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