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[T3] How do horns work?

Dept of minor things...but that ARE needed for state

 T-3 horn barely beeping today. Turned out to be
probably a loose or dirty connection. Works fine now
after just messing around with plugging and
unplugging wires a few times.

 BUT...in the meantime, I tried two spare horns that
worked when they were salvaged...but they didn't work
at all today. What good is saving parts if they die
in storage? 
 Is it just dust and dirt? Did some component dry up?
Do they need a whack with a stout stick?

  If I knew how horns worked, maybe I could figure
out if the spares should be sprayed with something,
or soaked in something, or taken apart and
cleaned...or what.  ...and then stored in nice tight
plastic bags.   

 Related: What can be done when the steering wheel
cover for the horn connection pops loose from one or
more of the four plastic-to-plastic couplings?
Yes...one might find used or spare plug thingies if
they get chipped or melted...the ones that are bolted
to the metal...but there's no way that I can see to
repair the plastic holes that receive those plugs in
the steering wheel center cover pieces. Duct tape
around the steering wheel is not an attractive

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