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Re: [T3] Stalling issues

<x-flowed>Those solenoid cut-off jets are long and heavy compared to the
size of threads that hold them in place. Even a little bit of looseness
can cause the electrical contact to be lost, which cuts off the fuel
supply to the carb momentarily. Even a little bit of fuel loss can
cause hesitation and stumbling.

The hex flats provided on them are tough to get to tightened them
to the carb body.

I added an appropriate sized screw-type hose clamp to the outer
body of my cutoffs, with the screw feature placed strategically to
allow me to reach with my hand to tighten them up if needed.

It also is a very wise thing to remove them whenever dropping
the engine. They hang out enough to get caught on wiring or on
the body if the engine lowering isn't straight down or the engine
tips a bit, BTDT.

The hose clamps make it easy to loosen and remove them.

Jeff  '67  Sqbk

The mechanic replaced the "fuel cut off solenoid" on my carbureted 67 Eggcrate. It made all the difference with the stalling,loping etc!
but have been having a big issue with the car stalling
(at very very inopportune times like on the freeway).

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