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Re: [T3] A question about oil pumps

You are very lucky that you didn't break the camshaft
gear off the camshaft when you tighened the pump up, I
like to dry fit my pumps before installing them,
during the buildup of the engine with the flywheel and
camshaft laying in the case half, I fit the oil pump
to it to make sure everything clears, yes I have had
to adjust a few oil pumps to clear. Phil

--- Dave Sanderson <porschedave@rennlist.net> wrote:

> hi All
> When we got Matt's new engine running we had a
> pretty serious oil  
> leak from the oil pump. I have not experienced this
> before and was a  
> bit surprised. After much foolin' around, trying
> different solutions,  
> we finally realized that the problem was that the
> pump was too long  
> for the space between the cam and the case. We have
> a pump for a flat  
> cam, a flat cam and yet it was too long - but only
> by a very small  
> margin. I filed the end of the housing, that is the
> section that  
> sticks towards the cam and holds the gear that
> interfaces with the  
> cam, by a thou or so and now, voila no leaks. This
> is a new 30 mm  
> pump from Shadeck. Has anyone else had this
> experience. Is this  
> something that happens with these new Brazilian
> pumps? Thanks. Cheers.
> Dave
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