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Re: [T3] A rare one is up

<x-flowed>A beer is a good start.

I would never sell it to a an individual whom thought it was something it was not. At the least to save my feedback. More of a went to buy a snow cone but left with a bannana split.


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Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006 7:30 PM
Subject: RE: [T3] A rare one is up

Well, my point was that If I were looking for a kit for a 356 Porche and
bought one that was advertised as one and it wasn't when I got it Id be
rather peeved.
Of course if I were looking for that kind of thing Id have done the
research and know exactly what it was I was looking for and not have been a
I guess this kind of thing is common on Ebay, the only Ebaying I do
is for buying Antique radios and Ive never seen the description throw in
names or things that didn't pertain to the item being sold, or I didn't
notice them in my quick skimming each week.

Ill have a beer now how's that?


Subject: Re: [T3] A rare one is up

Hey if I choose to advertise to a Porsche 356 guy or an EMPI collector about

my T3 tool box and Keith doesn't understand why that's fine. Or anyone else
for that matter. I just made it a bit easier for that kind of collector to
find my odd type of item. Lighten up, have a shot of tequila or something.

As it is I have had 3 questions from PORSCHE guys wanting to know condition,

completeness and such before they decide on bidding. So I guess my false web

of trickery has paid off. I cant wait to catch some of those EMPI guys in my

web as well!!!!!!

Scott thats a great spread below on what comes in the box. Im goint to check

out that site a little more now.


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The Finnish site gutefahrt.com has a page about spare tire tool kits that
lists the contents of the Type 3 kit:

The type 3 tool boxes

In 1965 or 1966 Hazet developed a special toolbox for the VW type 3
series (VW 1500 limousine, the VW-Variant and the Karmann Ghia 1500). The

interior of this box was very different from the boxes described earlier.

This box contained 14 different tools, as listed below:
. a large screwdriver, no.: 811-6
. a medium screwdriver, no.: 813-2
. a phillips screwdriver, no.: 814-02
. a phillips screwdriver, no.: 814-3
. combination pliers, no.: 1850-22
. double ended spanner 7x8, no.: 450
. double ended spanner 9x11, no.: 450
. double ended spanner 10x14, no.: 450
. double ended open wrench no.: 605-13
. pliers, no.: 760-3
. wheel nut tool, no.: 772
. extended sparkplug tool, no.: 2505
. contact file, no.: 2125
. oilplug tool, no.: 2567

This list is actually not quite right because as Dave points out it also
includes a 27mm wrench for the generator. Many of the tools are slightly
different than the ones in the Beetle kits too. These kits are much larger

than the others (made to fit the wheel instead of the hub cap) and include

more tools. The box itself is plastic which might be one reason why so few

of them survived.

Jason, you really hit a nerve when you posted those search keywords!

62 343

On Aug 26, 2006, at 7:55 AM, Keith Park wrote:

So its false advertizing. Its just an ordinary bug kit (however rare or not that is) with nothing specific to Type3's or Porche's or Empi? Im surprized folks don't complain to ebay about it.

Good thing I don't spend much time (or money) on ebay...


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