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Re: [T3] bushings...

On 25 Aug 2006 at 13:22, Redfan Buckreezy wrote:

> Actually, Berg (and I, awkwardly, it appears), was writing about  "three 
> body mount positions" two of which are above the rear shock mounts...the 
> "third" I've not investigated...and upon reflection, (and a cursory, 
> revisited glance at the two above the shocks), I am inclined to abandon this
> idea for something more practical.

The rear subframe mounts to the body at least 5 places. There are the 3 you 
mention, plus 2 near the outer ends of the torsion bars. I THINK there are 
actually 2 more, but I won't swear to that until I look at a manual. These 
rubber mounts can shrink after time and leave the body somewhat loose, but I've 
never noticed any ill effects from it. It certainly seems possible, however, 
and there was a thread here on this subject a few years ago.

> But, as looked at this, (and on a more practical note), I remembered
> contacting Mr. Adney about some "snubbers" for the shock mounts both fore and
> aft so I'll reiterate this need now.  Any chance anyone has sources (or
> stocks) of these? 

If you mean the rubber subframe to body mount bushings (not the shock absorber 
bushings) then I have some from the cars I've parted out. They are used and 
date from '71-2, so I can't be sure how good they are, but they are better than 
the ones that came on my '69, which spent a long time in some very hot part of 
southern california. Those were shrunken, hard as a rock, and some were cracked 
all the way thru. I replaced all those that I could access easily without 
removing the subframe.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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