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[T3] bushings...

<x-flowed>Hi all,
<Which bushings do you mean? There are lots of them supporting the rear
subframe, of a couple different styles, plus the 2 on the outboard ends of the
rear mount crossbar.

Frankly, I wouldn't recommend making any of those solid. They do a lot of
vibration isolation, AND they limit the peak stresses on the body attachment
points. The rear crossbar attachments to the body are actually rather skimpy,
and a solid mount there could cause the mount to tear away from the body. I've
actually seen this happen on a car with rubber mounts that got driven "cross
country." A solid mount there would make it happen a lot faster and a lot

I suspect that Berg's recommendation was for drag racing, anyway.>

Actually, Berg (and I, awkwardly, it appears), was writing about "three body mount positions" two of which are above the rear shock mounts...the "third" I've not investigated...and upon reflection, (and a cursory, revisited glance at the two above the shocks), I am inclined to abandon this idea for something more practical.
By the way, he was in fact referring to street (or in his neck of the woods, freeway) cars, not dragsters, indicating a "wandering" in the rear on some T-3's above 40 MPH for which he blamed these worn support bushings. As I've not noticed such and have in any case installed a rear stabilizer bar, I will leave this "project" to theory rather than practice. I have enough on my plate with the rebuild.
But, as looked at this, (and on a more practical note), I remembered contacting Mr. Adney about some "snubbers" for the shock mounts both fore and aft so I'll reiterate this need now. Any chance anyone has sources (or stocks) of these? Thanks.
Frank Meek

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