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Re: [T3] Long-time lurker--first post


Griff Crammond tells us that he  had Squareback with auto trans. My
1972 Squareback, now with 54k miles has same trans. 

What most peoples think about the longevity of this transmission? I
have a spare transmission and original repair kits and would like to
know where is the reputable shop which repairs these transmissions. 

<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param>Kind regards

Ark Mirvis

Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Tel. (973) 398-6363


On Aug 24, 2006, at 8:16 AM, Griff Crammond wrote:


I am a long-time lurker but a first-time subscriber.

I met some of you at the Invasion in Myrtle Creek this year. You may

remember that we (wife Kris and I) started out in our '71 Squareback

decided to continue on to Oregon in the 2000 New Beetle TDI after the

fuel pump let us down. Home is on Lake Erie in  Erie Township MI 

MI., just north of Toledo OH) the locals say it is small drinking

with a fishing problem.

The car is a 1971 Squareback....Kansas Beige exterior, black interior
with a

1776 and dual-carbs, converted from the original FI system about two

ago. I have owned the car for approx. ten years--having owned a '72

squareback FI automatic before this. We have a 2004 Mexi Beetle as the

other ACVW. Previous ACVW's included a 78 1/2 T2 and several late '60's


We had a great time at the invasion--met some outstanding people there

along the way.


Griff Crammond

P.S. Thanks for fixing the 'glitch', Greg!


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