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Re: [T3] Paint

<x-flowed>Thanks for the info, yeah its tricky to determine what I want to do
with my sqback, I was even tempted to sell her for a bit.  She's in
decent shape, just have a dent issue and a crack paint issue on the
hood.  And cuz I like to share and because I really like it when
other people post pics of the rides here are some pics of mine.  The
pics kinda focus on the negative, I took them when I was thinking
about selling and I wanted to make sure people knew all her pluses
and minuses.


On Aug 24, 2006, at 2:15 PM, Steven Ayres wrote:

Ben=> Do they go all out to fancy and drop $1000+ or do people tend to go
=> for Earl Schieb's $400-500 paint jobs?
If you know a fancy shop that will paint a car for $1,000, please let us know. Best deals I've seen are more like $2,500 for a decent job by a pro in his home shop. The resto shop next door to my mechanic won't look at a car for less than $5K.

Short of doing it all ourselves, where we DIYers can save most is on prep work. Removing and reinstalling pretty much all the parts you don't want to paint is time-consuming (which costs a lot if you have the shop do it) and you'd really rather do it yourself anyway just to be sure it's done with care. A good paint job requires removing glass and lots of interior as well. Body damage is also eminently fixable in a home shop if done with care and patience. If you do a good prep job and wet-sanding and detailing afterward, even that cheapo Earl Schieb job can turn out pretty good. Just don't expect to get it done in a weekend, it's a big deal.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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