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Re: [T3] funky list glitch fixed -- attention newer subscribers!

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Jim Adney wrote:

> roster of allowed posters. Was that something you added to minimize spam
> problems?

Yes -- but it has been in place for years now, actually.

The general case for a list is that there is no restriction regarding who
can post.  The rule that I invoked some time back is that only recipients
can post.

Another possibility is to have separate subscriber and allowed-poster
rosters.  This is commonly done for newsletters.

In fact, these rosters are one and the same, but appear as
separately-named files that are actually hardlinked to one another.  Any
change to one makes a change to the other.  It's not an alias; it's more
of a joined-at-the-hip sort of thing.

At some point, the hardlink broke.  (It's possible that the host
transferred account files to a different disk or machine, and that the
link was broken.)  When this happened, the two files each took on lives of
their own.  So, the allowed-posters roster became stagnant, and didn't
"learn" of new subscribers.  However, new members could subscribe and
receive the list messages.

Now I've re-established the hardlink, so that these two files again do
what we want them to do as far as the list is concerned.


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