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RE: [T3] Oil pressure/temperature installation

First off, use Brass elbows as they will transmit heat to the temp sensor
much better than cast iron, you need 2 elbows with the temp sensor and
second elbow in the first, then the idiot light sender and pressure line in
the second.  I don't trust the accuracy of the electonic oil pressure gauges
so I use a mechanical one and an oil line but you cant use the littl one
that comes with the gauge as its too long for the thick oil to get quick
response.  I use a copper line instead, I think its 1/4", copper is a must
where it goes into the engine as the plastic will die from heat in a year or

Get 270 degree sweep gauges as they give you more detail and are easier to


Matt and I want to install both an oil pressure and an oil  
temperature gage to the Notch, adding to the idiot light. At the Cal  
Import site I see that there appear to be a variety of installations  
possibilities, including what appears to be a t-connector that would  
allow me to use two sending units in one location, on top of the oil  
cooler. The temperature switch appears to have a 14 mm thread while  
the oil pressure sending unit is a 10 mm thread and it looks like the  
t-unit will support both. For those of you who have made this  
additional installation, is there a preference? Any experience would  
be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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