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Re: [T3] 1971 Notchback in IL

On 23 Aug 2006 at 0:00, Steve Janninck wrote:

> >Where was this car originally sold? I assume it wasn't a US car, or 
> >was it a special order of some kind?

> I have two birth certificates from the car and it shows being delivered to
> Canada. I have tried to follow back the history, and I believe it must have
> been sold in Alberta Canada. Then worked its way into the US on the West
> Coast, and was in in El Cahon CA prior to coming to IL. 

That's interesting, because the only other late notch I think I've ever seen 
was a light blue one also in El Cahon. That was in '73 or '74. At that time I 
wasn't quite sure what it was, other than a type 3 that I'd never seen before.

> Somewhat special because it has the "Heat" package. Engine block heater. Gas
> heater in fwd trunk, Rear window defroster, and the blankets over the Heat
> exchanges. I think these were all options, but not sure because of the
> ddelivery destination. 

The blankets over the heat exchangers where standard, and I think the rear 
window defroster was, too, certainly in Canada. The gas heater was probably 
standard in Canada, but the case heater was installed by the dealer or later.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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