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Re: [T3] 1971 Notchback in IL

>In all honesty, I really don't think we have any kind of policy on FS 
>posts. Personally, I think they're fine, as long as the item is type 
>3 related. Your ad certainly passes that test.

I am probably wrong about this, but for some reason I was thinking Greg 
wanted the list to remain more on the tech / info side. I just didn't want to 
cause   any issues. Just being conservative.

>I, for one, would like to hear more about your '71 notch and would 
>like to hear about it here, on this list. But, as Toby pointed out, a 
>picture is worth a thousand words, so if there is any way you can 
>post photos, too, please post the URL here. Posting photos directly 
>to the list is a no-no, however.

I will upload some photos this evening, and supply the list with the links.
I will try to take some nice detailed photos, and if anyone has any special 
requests I'll follow up. Ill let the photos do the talking.

>This is awfully close to me. Is this notch in really good condition?  
>That's certainly a good year for type 3s....    ;-)

Yes Jim, your just up the the road. I am located about 30 miles 
straight west of downtown Chicago in Clarendon Hills.
As far as the condition of car is concerned, I will let you be the judge, 
I think I am biased, in fact I know I am biased I just love this car.
Late model Notches seem to be quite rare, especially in the US. 
I think only a handfull are in the US and only a couple running.
More information to come!

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