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Re: [T3] Glycerin treatment

Glycerine or talcum powder are the two things VW recommend.  Since they are
pretty cheap, why bother with more expensive proprietary chemicals.

Glycerine is a type of alcohol, and does tend to absorb moisture, so maybe
that's why it looks damp for longer.
It's also very soothing on mouth ulcers if you ever suffer from those!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 3:51 AM
Subject: [T3] Glycerin treatment

> Hey All...just a FYI on my experimenting with Glycerin as a rubber
> treatment.
> So then I applied 50/50 glycerin and water to my old, yet still good, hatch
> gaskets and hood gaskets and let them sit for several days before I
> installed them....I'm telling ya, these gaskets look and feel great!...they
> are SO dark and flexible....I'm very impressed!
> So that's where I'm at.....who knows, maybe this treatment will only last
> months and have to be reapplied often, or maybe my gaskets will disintegrate
> before X-mas.....but I think this may be a great way to extend the life of
> older gaskets....and I like what I see. Another thing that got me.....when I
> mixed up the 50/50 solution in a dish, I used a very small rag to apply the
> solution onto the gasket....you know, soak the rag and wipe away.....well,
> the used rag got left hanging over my bench vise to "dry"....guess
> what....this rag is still damp to the touch, even after sitting out for
> about 2 weeks or so.....yikes.....gotta say something there!
> Dave Pallo
> '72 Square...(still into resto)

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