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[T3] Vultures T 3 parts...

Vultures are an important part of nature. Without
them we'd be up to our elbows in moldering animal
carcasses all over the wilderness, and up to about
there in VW parts as well.

  I got whammed sideways once...a hit and run...right
side smashed in about a foot or more (no passenger in
car, thankfully)...door destroyed...back seat and its
back irreparably bent...back side window popped out
not broken.  It took a while messing with it all with
jacks and come-alongs and chains and blocks of wood
etc etc but I managed to push the whole side back
out, replace door and rear fender, replace rear seat
and its back, patch and bash the rest into shape
and...it was fine outside of a few bendy things only
a sharp eye would notice. Door closed fine.

 So...does that 71 have the dashboard knob windshield
wiper switch, or the one on the steering column? I
could use an extra, for back-up if it's the dashbord
knob type.

 And, my partially fixed turn signal signal switch
(it doesn't return automatically) could use a
replacement with one that fully works.  But it's the
kind from a mechanism w/out the windshield wiper
parts. I have a 1970. I can get part number off one
of the other broken ones lying around.

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