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RE: [T3] Pop Starting Fuel Injection...

If your battery is older then deep cycling it dead may require you to
trickle charge it to get it to take a charge again.  You need a few amps to
run the ignition, FI and fuel pump, if you can get it rolling fast enough
the generator will do that.  With a battery that isn't dead but not charged
enough to close the starter solenoid you can pop it, Well tuned FI will
start on one compression stroke, which is nice if you're the only one there
to roll it,  you don't need to get it rolling hardly at all and Vroom! Its


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In all the years I've had, and worked on, Type 3s, I
don't know the rap on Pop Starting when battery
drained (too much?) by leaving the radio on for 3

1) Didn't think a radio, w/ no lights etc, could
drain a battery so car wouldn't start. Not even a
glimmer of energy on key turn. Not even horn or light

2) Tried to roll and pop start...nothing.

3) A friend gave a battery jump and off it went,
running like a top. All ok. Did about three or four
miles and, after parking (on a slope)...had to pop
start, which worked that time.

 Is it that at a certain point, there's not enough
juice to work the elec fuel pump? Pop Starts
impossible then?

 After letting it run awhile at home, it starts now
on its own. Battery registering in the middle range
at last check.

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