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RE: [T3] confessions of a bone-head...

Sometimes its good to do a sanity check...  Im surprized it started that
advanced. Detonation is more likely to crack a piston or cylinder than hurt
a valve... If you can pull a hill now without something letting go your
probably OK.

And the GEX goes on....  ;-)


Subject: [T3] confessions of a bone-head...

every since the day before the Invasion, my car has been running like 
crap.  I did the tune up and changed the pulley fan because i was 
getting some vibration and i had several fans to choose from.  quick 
change, valves/points/condesor/timing...  friday morning lead the pack 
to Crater Lake and the car is running like crap.  Sneezing, popping and 
major detonation...  what the heck?  Recheck the timing in a rush, 28 
btdc as per usual...  still major detonation and have to really lay off 
the throttle under load to keep it from getting angry.  well, tuesday 
afternoon i had had enough...  under, over, around and through the 
engine bay looking for what is wrong.

Then i found it... 

stupidity on my part...

no one else to blame...

i am a bone-head...

I traded the 3 mark pulley for a 4 mark pulley and my 28btdc timing was 
actually 42 
btdc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ouch...  
i am amazed the valve heads are still on the stems!  because i just 
'swapped' the pulleys i didn't even think to look and i just immediately 
timed the engine to the left mark of the trio.  it took complete 
darkness and my adjustable timing light to show me the extra mark way 
over there to the left...  doh!

moral to the story?  SWEAT THE DETAILS!

Brian Fye
1 Wife, 2...count them, two daughters and 9 VWs!
VW----> http://www.geocities.com/menacefye
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