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Re: [T3] 65 Square brakes

<x-flowed>One way to get it off if it's really stuck is to drill into the nut with a 1/8th drill, a series of holes close together in from a flat (obviously stopping short of the thread) and then a couple again in from the face across them, and then tap it with a hammer and cold chisel in the holes. weakened by the holes it spreads and expands and unscrews easily. Of course you'll need a replacement nut, but with a smear of copperease on it when you replace it, it'll require less effort to tighten than the old one took to undo and a half inch drive socket will be sufficient. To get to the right 217ft/lb torque, stand on some bathroom scales and use a 3 foot lever and tighten until the scales show around a 72 pound change to your weight. (217 foot pounds/3). Stop when you get near a split pin hole and take it easy, you don't want to go past the nearest hole.



As soon as I get them off and look at them I'll post some pics and what ever info I can gleam from them.
Have to borrow/buy a 36mm socket first to get that axel nut off.

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On 17 Aug 2006 at 21:32, DAVID WYATT wrote:

It didn't take much effort at all to twist that nipple off. I didn't feel
that I was exerting that much torque on it at the time.
I was a Helicopter Maintenance Officer and Test Pilot in the Army. So I do
believe in using the right torque. My A** was on the line.


What I would do now is take them off and send them to me. I will heat them up
and try to anneal the ez-outs. Once they are softer, I would try to drill them
out with a left hand drill. That usually takes them right out when there's no
ez-out in there, but I don't know how successful I'll be in this case.

The rear bleed valves are M6 x 1 thread and I have replacements, but I agree
that they should have been a little bigger.

I also have rebuilt 7/8 type 3 wheel cylinders as well as a few other odd
sizes, but it would still be best if I could see your old ones to make sure you
got the right replacements.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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