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Re: [T3] 65 Square brakes

On 17 Aug 2006 at 17:04, DAVID WYATT wrote:

> Darn!@#$%^&* Both the rear brake bleed nipples are sheared off!!@#$
> I have never worked on the brakes of a VW. It does not look like its going 
> to be much fun. This Square has drum brakes all around the front nipples 
> take a 11mm wrench and the rear a 7mm wrench. Does that give me a clue as to 
> what size wheel cylinders to order? Are there any tricks to getting the 36mm 
> axel nut lose?

You need to be VERY careful with those bleed valves, but sometimes 
they just break off and there's little you can do to prevent it.

The best thing to do is to remove the old wheel cylinders and let me 
rebuild them. I can replace the bleed valves in the process.

If that seems too hard, just measure a piston once you get the drum 
off. The late cars are all 7/8" and I have rebuilt ones in stock. The 
early ones varied a bit and I'm not sure what you might have, but 
7/8" is still one of the possibilities.  

The axle nut is a pretty major item and takes over 200 ft-lb of 
torque to tighten it. They take a lot more to loosen up if they've 
been on there a long time. Loosen them with the wheel/tire in place 
and the car on the ground, THEN jack the car up and remove 
everything. I use a 3/4 drive slide handle w/an extension about 6 ft 
long. Make SURE you tighten it to spec when you put it back together. 
It really needs that much torque.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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