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RE: [T3] New Member

Welcome to the list!  There aren't many 62's out there but there are a
couple experts on the early cars here on the list.


Top Notch Restorations
71 Squareback
65 Notchback "El Baja Rojo"
65 Squareback "Eggcrate"
87 golf "Winterat"
93 RX7 "Redstur"

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Subject: [T3] New Member

Hi, Guys:

I'm a new member to the list - I just signed up
yesterday - and I'm joining because I'm the guy who
won the '62 Notch that the Central Coast VW Club
organized as a charity raffle.

I finally got the car delivered to me after about 2
months of screwing around with a car hauling company,
finally gave up on them and found a guy thru
Craigslist who was bringing an empty trailer to
Chicago - where I live - from California.

Boy oh boy and I ever excited about this car!  I've
had a number of VWs over the years - my first three
cars where a '71 Super, a '70 bus, and a '72
Squareback.  I went without VWs for a long, painful
period, then four years ago I bought a '71 411 at a
police impound auction out in Denver and later
acquired a '67 'vert that is awaiting some major work.
 With the Notch, I'm up to 3 VWs in my collection.  I
also have a thing for Nash/Hudson/Rambler and have
several in various states of repair, from showroom
perfect to parts cars that I'm disassembling.

Anyway, about the Notch, I'm just getting acquainted
with the car.  This weekend I will install a starter
solenoid (mine went bust!) and I think I'll put a
hard-start fix on it at the same time.  Next there are
a few electrical issues to sort out, various lights
need sorting out, and the left directional, oddly,
only blinks one time even if the signal lever hasn't
yet self-cancelled.  Actually, they do not self-cancel
in either direction!  I assume this is not normal.

This shifting seems to be a little sloppy, and the
clutch releases really fast . . .  ideas on where to
start with these?  My '72 Sqareback had the same
clutch issue, but I just learned now to drive it since
I was 19 at the time and had no money or know-how for
the fix anyway!

None of these "complaints" are meant in any way as
complaints . .   like any old car, it's all part of
the fun and interest in ownership, sorting out these

One thing I'd love to find is a copy of the owner's
manual for the car's glovebox.  Can anyone point me in
the right direction?  I'm combed thru Ebay and
TheSamba, but haven't turned up anything for a Type
III earlier than '66.

I'll be in touch more as I dig into the car, but today
I mainly wanted to introduce myself and say hi to
everyone.  I belong to a similar e-list like this
that's all about AMC, and it's gotten me out of a
number of real jams, particularly when I'm working on
some car problem that I've never encountered before. 
So I'm glad to find this list!

Best to all,


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