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Re: [T3] Mechanical fuel pump: re-assembly

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 22:53 -0500, Jim Adney wrote:


> I've now gone thru all my aftermarket manuals and the closest I can 
> come to verifying this is the Haynes manual where it says to tighten 
> those screws with the lever held in mid-stroke.
> However, something just seems wrong about this. If we tighten the 
> diaphram in mid stroke, then it seems like that won't leave it any 
> slack for travel in either direction. In fact, Dan's old diaphram was 
> hard, but it was bulged up between the outer rim and the center disk, 
> and the new diaphram seemed like the bolt holes were in a circle just 
> a tiny bit too large. 

The original diaphram had what is called in the trade, "blousing".
Ridges molded into the material to allow for movement with the outside
trapped between the housings.
> Okay, I'll check one last place. I've got a genuine VW workshop 
> manual for the 1200 engine, but I don't know if this adjustment would 
> have changed for the 1500/1600 engine. In that manual, it says adjust 
> the gaskets to give a stroke between 8 mm & 13 mm. So far, so good; 
> it describes the SAME stroke limits. Now, for the final answer: It 
> says to tighten the diaphram with the lever depressed 14 mm and 
> mentions the special gauge (VW 328d) that makes this easy.

> So here's my question: Is this the same for the later engines? 
> Russ, did you use the same setting jig (VW 328d) for the 40 hp and 53 
> hp engines?

There were only 2 different gages that I know of. One for 36hp and one
for 40hp/53hp. Then the push rod changed for the bugs with the
alternator. And those pumps were not rebuildable.

> If so, then I guess the way to do this is to figure out which gaskets 
> to use, remove 2-3 gaskets, tighten the diaphram, reinstall the 
> gaskets and tighten down the pump.
Jon Furst (hazetguy on TheSamba) could probably get me the dimensions on
that fixture. He probably has one. Then it would not be hard to make a
fixture, or know how high to have the pushrod on the engine when
tightening the screws in the pump housing.

> Does this sound right?

> I guess I'm just puzzled because this seems to be turning out 
> differently from what I expected, but I have to admit that it makes 
> more sense this way. It also means the Haynes manual is wrong.
russw <russw@classicvw.org>

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