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Re: [T3] New Member

<x-flowed>JustinS=> just signed up yesterday

Welcome to the list! Nice to see another multi-marque enthusiast here.

=> I think I'll put a hard-start fix on it

This is not an uncommon choice, but you may find it simpler to go in and clean up the cruddy electrical connections that are causing the problem. Despite their reputation, six-volt systems really do work just fine if they're maintained properly.

=> they do not self-cancel in either direction! I assume this is not normal.

Small plastic parts have broken in the canceling mechanism. This is common and repairable, although the right parts for yours may be a challenge to find.

=> shifting seems to be a little sloppy

Check the coupler between the shift rod and the transaxle first, this is usually an easy fix.

=> the clutch releases really fast

Check for integrity and proper curvature of the Bowden tube.

=> owner's manual

This list and ads on The Samba are the best bets online. A '62 will be difficult, and bear in mind that when you find it, it probably won't be in English. (Of course, if your car is LHD you want a German manual anyway, right? If JasonW can't help, you might brush up your Deutsch and try ebay.de) If nothing turns up online, consider a visit to the VW Classic show in Irvine CA in June. That includes the biggest VW literature swap in the world.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600, '59 BMW 600, '58 Studebaker Golden Hawk, others

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