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Re: [T3] New Member

On 17 Aug 2006 at 6:29, Justin Shelton wrote:

> I'm a new member to the list - I just signed up yesterday - and I'm joining
> because I'm the guy who won the '62 Notch that the Central Coast VW Club
> organized as a charity raffle. 

Congratulations, and welcome to the Type 3 Email List. You've come to the right 
place. I'm in Madison, WI, which is not far from you in Chicago, but I'm afraid 
that most of help you might need on a '62 will have to come from some of our 
other listees who are much more familiar with the early years. I'm much more 
familiar with the FI and 12 V era.  

> Anyway, about the Notch, I'm just getting acquainted with the car. 

Probably the main thing to keep in mind when fixing up something like this is 
that you need to be extremely reluctant to throw away old part, unless you are 
absolutely sure that they aren't OE. Hang on to anything that might be OE just 
in case you need some subpart or you need to be reminded of what the OE part 
actually looked like.  

> This shifting seems to be a little sloppy, and the clutch releases really
> fast . . . 

There should be about 1/2" of free play at the top of the clutch pedal travel. 
If not, this should be adjusted back at the clutch lever arm, above the bell 
housing. Keep in mind that this adjustment is hard to do if the clutch return 
spring back there is broken, and they are almost always broken. Replacements 
are available and I stock them.

The shifting may be sloppy if the nylon guide sleeve in the tunnel is broken. 
This is also a common problem which is not too hard to replace.

> None of these "complaints" are meant in any way as complaints . .   like any
> old car, it's all part of the fun and interest in ownership, sorting out
> these problems. 

You've got the right idea.  ;-)

> One thing I'd love to find is a copy of the owner's manual for the car's
> glovebox.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I'm combed thru Ebay
> and TheSamba, but haven't turned up anything for a Type III earlier than '66. 

You're looking in the right places, but '62 is pretty early and these cars 
weren't imported into the US at that time, so English owner's manuals might be 
easier to find in England. Asking here is also a good place to start; someone 
here might know where to look. Type 3 Detectives in England might have them, 
but they also tend to be expensive. At least it will be cheap to ship once you 
find one.

> I'll be in touch more as I dig into the car, but today I mainly wanted to
> introduce myself and say hi to everyone.  I belong to a similar e-list like
> this that's all about AMC, and it's gotten me out of a number of real jams,
> particularly when I'm working on some car problem that I've never encountered
> before. So I'm glad to find this list! 
Glad to have you here!

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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