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Re: [T3] UPDATE: Generator Light (not my clutch light ;))

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 14 Aug 2006 at 11:08, Cybernotchback wrote:
> The gen light staying on after the key is OFF is
> probably the most common VR 
> failure mode. It's not clear from your description
> whether what you observed 
> was from overvoltage or from discharge thru the
> generator, which is part of the 
> common failure mode. Either could have caused the
> battery smell and sound.

I hadn't thought that the discharge through the
generator would boil the battery.   So I just assumed
that the system had over charged the battery.  At the
time I wasn't experienced enough to know to check the
voltage.  I did however know enough to throw parts at
the situation, (knowing enough to get me into trouble,
or spend money on items that I may not have actually
needed).  And I luckily replaced the voltage regulator
first thing.  

I learned a lot at that poor Beetle's expense, mostly
whst not to do.  But more importantly I learned how to
work most problems out the right way.  


  John La Francois 
Blauvelt, NY 
'65 Notch S (Nubb) Awaiting rustoration 
'67 Beetle (Bubb) Currently under rustoration, by owner 
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang) Wife's Daily Driver
  '90 Convertible (Sunny) My Daily Driver.
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