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re: when electronic points die ca they still kinda wor

yes electronic points can break down (burn up) after time. If you are using the Pertronics system they require a three ohm resistance coil and if you don't then this is what happens. If you are running the pertonics check to see what the resisance is on your coil, 3-4 is good. If not what system are you running? With pointless systems they ask that you run these specific coils because they high amperage can even burn those up too, and under low RPMs it can seem like they are grounding out when burnt up. This I why I absolutely hate my pertonics system, plus with the resistance coil included The voltage delivered to the plugs is considerably lower, which in turn, screws up fuel economy. Points deliver 36000 volts to a plug, With a three ohm resistance coil you deliver 27000. We run the blue bosch 3 ohm with a standard vw and points ignition. You run a V8 coil with points and you will notice a considerable differance, but you go through points faster when idling, or run a pertonics with a gm module (4 Prong) and a V8 coil and here comes happy hour. Pertronics is a sugestion for those who are lazy, like me. I have seen toyotas running the same set up and spending 200 clams for the set up (considering $340 for the ingnitor) that will only cost us 80. I am going to work on this next weekend and will let you know on the outcome.
Randy (68t34me)

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